The Onlyscience Co. Ltd is managed by an expert team whose members have over 20years experience in the research market of molecular biology. The Onlyscience Co. Ltd established in 1999 and has three divisions located at Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. The major business includes:

Equipments for Molecular Biology experiments
Standard laboratory equipments
Laboratory consumable plastic products
Cell culture contamination and quality control products for research and clinical diagnostics
Experimental Animal feeding stuff

To understanding the life science market potential, Onlyscience continues to monitor the market growth and also focus on market management which aims to set up a well link with customers. When our customer number is growing, we are more confidence to sell what they want and then fit the life science market precisely. From many years market experience, Onlyscience not only provide the best products but also our knowledge and best service. Our advantages are:

  1. We have enough experience to estimate the life science market precisely.
  2. We totally understand and take care of our products; in addition, we have educated our sale persons frequently.
  3. We provide our best service for our customers to build honest and good relationship. We believe this honest relationship is the major reason for business growth.
  4. We have excellent consultants and technology teams to help our customers for experimental skills and problems, and also machine technology supports.


Under our complete market survey and management projects, the manage team of Onlyscience Co. Ltd has confirmed to grow our business every year, and increased the distribution of famous products. Onlyscience Co. Ltd is ambitious and confident for high market occupancy in the future.